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Lending adaptive equipment

Lending adaptive equipment


Every year, we lend individual people different types of adaptive equipment such as sit-skis in winter in Combloux and joélettes in the summer. This loan is free we only require a deposit for the material.

Most people who benefit from these loans for free make donations to our association which are used to buy new parts or renew our equipment.

We also lend adaptive equipment to some associations or adapted structures. For instance, we lent 3 Cimgos to a Belgian association two years in a row. We also signed a convention with the city of Lourdes to lend them a Cimgo to develop this activity at Le Pic de Jers in the Pyrenees.

The equipment we do not use off season is lent to associations in other regions. For instance, for two winters in a row we lent for free our summer equipment F.T.T. mountain wheelchairs, Cimgo and trailer to the C.S.J.C (Sport Centre for Young Corsican / formerly called the CREPS of Ajaccio).

This is an important loan as a Cimgo costs about 8.000 euros and a F.T.T. mountain wheelchair about 6.000 euros.

We also lend Joélettes for free to parents and associations who ask us.

We also lend 2 Hippocampes to the towns of Passy and Combloux to make their lakes and water activities accessible in summer and to make their hiking trails accessible in winter.

For several years, we have been lending 2 hockey sleds to the ice rink of Saint-Gervais and Megève.

We also lend Tandemskis and Cimgos to the APEI du Mont-Blanc and to “A chacun son Everest” for their outings in the mountain.

Our mission is to make outdoor mountain activities accessible to all, this is why we lend our equipment for free to individual people under conditions.