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All Season Activities

The Hippocampe wheelchair

The Hippocampe wheelchair


The Hippocampe wheelchair is an all-terrain wheelchair with 3 wheels -one front wheel large enough to ride on a difficult terrain and two rear ones-  which offers individuals with disabilities accessibility both in the summer and in the winter to difficult terrains, impossible in a standard wheelchair: beach, sand, swimming area, hiking trails, snow, mountain.

The Hippocampe wheelchair was created by the Vipamat company “56”. On top of its three wheels it has a seat composed of a thick and hydrophobic foam. The Hippocampe chair can be towed, pushed or self-propelled. It offers autonomy to its user; a third party can assist the more heavily handicapped with its push bar or traction kit.

We own two hippocampe chairs acquired thanks to our partners. We lend them in the summer to the Lac de Passy and Combloux and to the resort in Plaine Joux for winter activities.

The Hippocampe wheelchair in the summer and in the winter

Sledge Hockey

Sledge Hockey


Sledge Hockey was first designed to practice hockey in a seated position. The sledge allows individuals to skate on ice rinks. Sledge Hockey are made of Plastic Buckets mounted at the back of the frame and are fit to each player. Standard skate blades are attached to a frame on the bottom of the sledge. Blades typically can be moved forward and aft to adjust the center of gravity and in some cases the distance between the blades can be adjusted depending on the riders balance and skill level.

Instead of just one stick, players use two sticks to pass and shoot the puck, as well as propel themselves down the ice.

We have five sledges that were financed by our partners. They are available in the different Mont Blanc ice rinks of Megeve and Saint Gervais les Bains.

If you are interested in this activity you must wear protective gear at all time -helmet, gloves… Remember to call the ice rink when you intend to go to make sure the sledge is available.

Sledge Hockey at the Megeve ice rink