Activités hiver, le ski adapté


Le ski adapté pour une montagne accessible à tous

Thanks to the skills of our team of mountain and handicap professionals we can give everyone with a disability whatever their level of dependency the opportunity to enjoy skiing.

Thus we offer several types of ski-sits and we adapt the equipment and how to accompany the person. Independent skiing is possible with the Uniski, Dualski and Kartski, while Piloted Dualski , Tandemski and Tandemflex make skiing possible for dependent people.

Sit ski

The Uniski and Dualski

The Uniski and Dualski are intended for people with a lower limb disability. They allow independent skiing with performances similar to those of the best able-bodied skiers.

There are several different models depending on your level and improvement capacity: Leisure, Tempo and Scarver. We offer the all range of models to answer the needs and desires of sit-skiers whether they are beginners or racers.

Most our skiing equipment is designed and manufactured by the Tessier company situated in Maurienne (73). Every year we replace part of the equipment thanks to our sponsors and donators.

A training period “Première Neige” is regularly organised in December in Val Thorens with full-boarding at the U.C.P.A.

Uniski and Dualski Photos

The Kartski

The Skikart or Kartski is aimed at people who want to ski independently but who cannot ski with a Uniski or Dualski because they have a lack of balance, not enough strength or who are not well coordinated.

The skier is in a bucket seat which is fixed to a frame; the skis are connected to the frame. Two directional levers allow the sit-skier to drive the skis. Learning how to use the Kartski is rather quick.

During the training period and to secure the sit-skier’s safety, an able-bodied skier holds a rope called safety leash which is fixed to the frame.

The Kartski can also be adapted to allow people with only one arm to use it. There are three different models of Kartski to fit your level as best as possible.

Kartski Photos

The piloted Dualski

The Piloted Dualski allows semi-dependent or dependent sit-skiers to ski with a high level of comfort and performances.

A piloting bar is fixed to the frame of the Dualski to provide both the sit-skier with the feeling of skiing almost independently and the pilot with a lot of comfort. Piloting a Dualski requires a two-days’ training period which we organise yearly. (see sit-skiing training period).

The Tandemski and Tandem'Flex

The Tandemski is a made of a bucket seat fixed on a pair of skis piloted by a pilot standing just behind the seat.

The Tandemski allows people heavily disabled, with no or little independence, to glide safely on ski slopes and enjoy the thrills of winter sports. A safety brake linked to the pilot with a rope is automatically activated in case the pilot falls. This brake is mainly used as a parking brake.

In 2013, the Tandemski was replaced by the Tandem’flex which is similar but more comfortable as the Tandem’Flex is equipped with an Öhlins shock absorber associated to a Quickset system which offers a perfect balance and excellent edges for sensations shared by the sit-skier and the pilot.

One goal: sharing… safely with relatives and friends to blur differences. Accompanied by qualified professionals you will be given the opportunity to discover or live again gliding sensations in which the notion of being together has a real meaning.

Tandemski Photos

Off-piste sit-skiing

Off-piste sit-skiing

Off-piste sit-skiing takes place either on the Grands Montets glacier in Chamonix or from the top of l’Aiguille du Midi (3.800 metres) to go down the Vallée Blanche.

The team of high mountain guides working in our association who are qualified and experienced in accompanying disabled people are waiting for you to make you discover safely the magical sights of the Mont Blanc.

The Vallée Blanche is accessible with a Tandemski or with a Uniski or a Duoski for experienced sit-skiers.

Indeed, to enjoy this wonderful place and these magnificent panoramas in the best conditions and in safety, a very good level is required for all the participants to this exit, skiers seated and able companions.

For the Vallée Blanche, a guide supervises a skier sitting in Uniski and Dualski and three companions at most.

To accompany a Tandemski in the Vallée Blanche two guides and a maximum of 6 able bodied skiers are required.

Off-pistes sit-skiing Photos


We also propose ski outings on the Trient glacier accessible to experienced Uniski or Dualski sit-skiers.
The Air Glacier company will transport you by air from Chamonix to the glacier for about 200 euros per person with a minimum of 5 people.

To know the exact price, contact us, we will ask the Air Glacier company for an estimate.