Summer activities


What is the Cimgo ?

The Cimgo allows to ride all types of more or less steep tracks and discover places that could not be reached previously. The passenger is comfortably sitting in a very safe bucket seat. The Cimgo is perfect for people with a high dependency. The Cimgo is driven by a pilot who is standing at the rear of the seat. Using a Cimgo allows to live and accompany your biker relatives or friends as long as they practice mountain biking.

The Cimgo can be used on chairlifts and gondolas. For chairlifts the passenger stays in the bucket seat which can easily be separated from the frame.

Technically speaking the Cimgo is equipped with 4 progressive shock absorbers allowing even rocky trails to remain pleasant; it also has 4 motorcross wheels (14 inches) equipped with cross tyres offering a high grip and reliability; it also has 4 powerful hydraulic disc brakes composed of 2 independent hydraulic control systems for front and rear wheels.

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Paragliding in tandem or solo


Depending on the level of dependency, the capacity and wish of the person, our state qualified instructors can take you paragliding either in a standing position or sitting in a 3-wheel chair specifically conceived for paragliding.

You will be well at ease in a chair fixed with a harness to the instructor and will be able to discover safely the pleasure of gliding and discovering the beautiful sceneries of the Mont blanc.

Our equipment is adapted and allows to organise training periods ( introduction and improvement).

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All-Terrain 4 -Wheel Buggy with outstanding off-road capabilities (F.T.T.)

All-Terrain 4 - Wheelchair

All-terrain wheel buggy makes hiking accessible to people with a lower limb disability so that they can practice with their friends or family. We offer hiking in F.T.T. to go down mountain tracks, comfortably sited in a seat secured on a chassis equipped with four wheels. You can control the pace of the F.T.T. thanks to handlebars like those of an all mountain bike. Several adaptations allow the use of the machine by quadriplegic people. 

After taking a ski lift or a car to reach the top of the mountains, you will safely slide down tracks with up to a difference in altitude of 1.200 meters. you will be accompanied by an experienced mountain professional. 

You will have fun and sporting thrills surrounded by the local fauna and flora and will enjoy the magnificent landscapes of the Mont-Blanc and many scenic spots. 

Your loved ones can come with you by A.M.B. off-road skating if they are experienced. Our fleet of machines is quite large and comes from different manufacturers in the region, mainly from Quadrix-Team, but also from Buggy Bike, ... 

We try to renew our equipment thanks to the help of different companies or the donations we receive.

All-Terrain 4 - Wheelchair